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Family holidays in Vietnam as a sweet “return to source”

It was a day in April, that TCP Slow Travel Hue team and villagers had the chance to welcome Family LOR, from Switzerland for a family holidays in Vietnam. They were a lovely couple with two kids of nine and eleven years old. The family would participate in two tours, “Thanh Toàn Rural Life Immersion” and “Evening foodie and cyclo tour“.

Kids learn to plow with buffalo
Plowing with buffalo

What to expect for a family holidays in Vietnam?

Some months prior to departure, their Agent informed us that “the family is very, very interested in visiting people who have launched their own business successfully. Since they have their roots in Vietnam. They are interested in showing their kids (born and grown in Switzerland) what is possible in a country like Vietnam. Therefore, we had been working on how to customize their experiences, so as they would have a truly memories.

On the evening Apr.24, the family had a relaxing cyclo ride and Vietnamese food experience. They especially loved Hue specialties and vegetarian dishes. More than that, they “revised” and learned Vietnamese expressions and vocabulary. There were many survival Vietnamese phrases related to food, drinks and eating habits. Mrs. Tu Loan LOR cheerfully commented “We shall recommend this tour to all friends and to the travel agency at home. It was excellent! For guests with kids, we recommend to ask the guests whether the kids would want to sit in the same cyclo.”

The day after, it was a bit unlucky that it was raining. However, we have well prepared for this situation. We shortened the cycling route and made a smooth transfer to near Thanh Toan village. We arrange suitable kid bikes, rain coats for the kids and quality rain gear for the parents. There are many stops during the tour, thus the family were quite fine and enjoyed the weather.

Actually, with careful preparation, the rain may brings more interesting features that make the tour unique.

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Family with kids cycling in the countryside of Hue.
Cycling is a fun activity for family holidays in Vietnam

Family holidays with many connecting opportunities with Vietnam

Besides, we intentionally arranged some happy encounters for the family. We printed the pictures of another traveler who took photographs with the local farmers and villagers. We give the kids these photograph with a mission to find the concerned people at the market, kindergarten, home visits to hand over to them. The activities were a great success as it brought many enchanting moments. It was a true connecting with many farmers, villagers, who found themselves in the printed photographs.

Mrs.Trang is happily smiling and holding a picture of her mother.
Mrs.Trang was happy with her mother’s photographed, taken at the village market.

The family LOR was so happy with the experience and gave us encouraging words “Very well organized. Perfect mix of organized trip and daily life experienced. It was nice to see that the guide stays well connected to the people. It was a perfect trip also for family with kids. I shall recommend this tour to our friends and agency”.

For us, the whole team running behind, we were over satisfied that our motto “Fulfilling in Connecting” comes to live.

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