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Why is Slow Travel Hue a perfect match for Family Holidays?

Over the past years, we have seen the increasing demand of Family Holidays. However, it seems that Vietnam has not been well prepared to catch the trend. Family Holidays seem to be more successful in Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. Some of the reasons could be: Vietnam country is stretching in length, and a holiday may cover many destinations. It can make a a hectic pace for family, if not to mention the cost and time involved for travelling.

What Vietnam has to offer for Family Holidays?

There are limited offer for family accommodation. But most of all, there are not many kids friendly or family oriented excursions. At a closer look, it is a question of the Egg or the Chicken. If we don’t give enough time at each destination, how can the family really experience a slow pace activity to really enjoy Family Holidays? And if they really do, what are the conditions needed to create perfect moments?

Family bonding moments, father and sons cook a homey lunch in Thanh Toàn village

Why is Slow Travel Hue a perfect match for Family Holidays?

We received a request to host a family with 2-yo kid on our “Thanh Toan rural immersion“, nearby Hue. We are used to welcome small kids and know what to do. A kid friendly guide is a Must. Quality bike seat, well fit life vest when on boat, kid food are essential. But above all, our travel concept has to suit best the family physically and mentally. We offer genuine interaction with locals where people really meet people emotionally. Our activities must be life learning experiences and worth the efforts of parents who bring their kid that far to explore the world.

Unfortunately, it was raining lightly on the travelling day. It was not an obstacle at all as we could immediately arrange a chauffeured vehicle. Julius was carried safely by his dear Dad and travel around the village. Everyone was so enchanting and welcoming. Julius learned Vietnamese as well and tried some fun and safe activities.

Julius slowly immerses into Vietnamese rural life

And when the 2-yo Julius replied in Vietnamese “Cám ơn”, our local hosts and guides, the clients – parents realized immediately

“Wow, what’s a perfect match!”

The 2-yo Julius and his parents explore Thanh Toan village on a full day

As you have seen, thanks to its flexibility with time and variety of activities, slow travel is very suiting for family holidays with kids. Equally, seniors also enjoy slow travel if we could prepare sufficiently every details. They may need a comfortable means of transport, interesting cultural exploration, convivial dining experiences. Therefore, family holidays in a large senses could be a multi generation trip, in which slow travel will satisfy every one.

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