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The Poliakine in Thủy Biều village

Early October, TCP Slow Travel Hue team received a very last minute request that The Poliakine would like to experience our cycling tour to Thủy Biều village. To our knowledge, Mr. Ran Poliakine is “the founder and vice chairman of Powermat Technologies, the leader in the wireless power industry.” He went to Vietnam just to take a long family vacation at the most luxurious The Nam Hai resort in Hội An. Despite the 3-hour transfer, he would come to Hue a day after with his 5 lovely kids, from 5 to 12 year old, just to do our tour and returned to Hoi An in the same day.

It was an honor for us, but a challenge at the same time, as his travel agent made it clear that “It is important that the kids will not get bored…the menu must have kids food…must have bike seat, kids bikes….”. Equipped with experiences in dealing with family, we quickly made an action plan. Some fun, hands-on activities must be prepared. Legends and stories were adapted to suit children understanding. There is a very kid friendly guide to lead the group, another assistant to follow with watchful eyes, to make sure that the kids cycle safe and sound. We shortened the cycling road, prepared quality bike seats and suitable kids bikes. The kids really enjoyed some activities like painting the silk fan, picking fruits from garden, soaking feet in a herbal bath and above all, and most “glad-to-see” moments is that they fully exposed and indulge with a flash shower in the garden house. Refreshing, unusual and certainly unforgettable!

Though it was a short time, we were so happy to see that all was enjoying and appreciating this authentic experience in Thủy Biều village, Huế. Again, we believe that despite rustic local conditions, our dedicated, passionate team connected with the welcoming hosts are the best gift to satisfy all demanding clients.

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