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Love animal, eat vegetable

Love animal, eat vegetable? That’s sound nice but it is not an obligation, it’s a delight. Because vegetable is the main ingredients for vegetarian food. Furthermore, Vegetarian food is culture. And it is a great culture to delve in with many inspiration.

Vegetarian food is more and more appreciated everywhere. It is not only because of religion practice but also for good health. In Hue particularly, vegetarian cuisine occupies an important place in local living. It is so important that some days of the month, like the first and the 15th in lunar calendar, some restaurants, and eateries have to close since citizen just head for vegetarian food.

In this typical culinary tradition, we find all the talents and the creativeness of Hue’s housewives, Buddhist monks. They turn simple ingredients into such various, nutritious dishes. More importantly, vegetarian food can provide delicious tastes and appealing in color and flavor.

If you want to learn more about Hue’s remarkable Buddhist culture imprinted Hue vegetarian food, join our Evening foodie cyclo tour.

Tip: Don’t miss the chance to taste the famous “Asian Cheese”

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