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Eco-friendly bottle handler, a gift from Phuoc Tich village

Innovative, reusable plastic-free products can now replace many of the not so eco-friendly items we use in our daily routines. There are plenty of easy, affordable swaps you can make to help you live a more sustainable life. Being Good for Earth doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. It takes a little bit of lifestyle change and breaking the old habits.

Slow Travel Hue collaborates with artisans from Pho Trach rush weaving (near Phuoc Tich village) to offer you this eco-friendly water bottle handler. Let’s take small steps together toward zero waste goals.

Where is Pho Trach rush weaving village?

Pho Trach rush weaving village has been long known for making quality mats from natural material. “Cỏ Bàng” or grey sedge (Lepironia articulata) is a drought-resistant aquatic plant. Although it isn’t edible, it is more resilient than rice and its popularity as a handicraft material.

Today, local artisans innovate more items for daily use as well as craft gifts. You can experience this handicraft when visiting Pho Trach or Phuoc Tich ancient village, about 50km north of Hue.

Women, artisans use Cỏ Bàng – grey sedge, planted near Phuoc Tich village to make handicrafts.

Use “Cỏ Bàng” eco-friendly products as bottle handler and more

When re-visiting Phuoc Tich village recently, Slow Travel Hue’s team felt deeply touched by the hard-working, skillfulness of the women artisans. We collaborate with them to offer you this eco-friendly water bottle handler. We hope you will use it more frequently, to reduce plastic as a reminder to a more sustainable lifestyle. At the same time, we trust this will make a small giving-back to the local community and contribute to the vitalization of the craft village.

Below are a few ideas from us. It can be an eco-friendly bottle, coffee & tea handler or containing a few fruits, candies when you are out for shopping, picnic. However, we believe you can make use of these lovely items in many more daily life scenarios. If you would like to leverage the zero-waste movement, please share your ideas with us at hello@slowtravelhue.com.

How can I buy and learn more about “Cỏ Bàng” handicraft?

As shared above, the artisans of Pho Trach rush weaving village are recreating more and more lovely items with natural material. Many products get promoted with a stamp “Crafted in Hue”. You can buy in from local souvenir shops in Hue, order from our online Boutique. More excitingly, you can take an immersive tour with Slow Travel Hue to experience rush weaving with local artisans in a green and ancient Phuoc Tich ancient village.

Experience weaving with local artisans during a Slow tour to Phuoc Tích ancient village

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