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How can You make tourism more Regenerative

Regenerative tourism is not a new form of tourism. It is a process, a new way of thinking and acting. Let’s take a deep look into Thanh Toan rural immersion to understand WHY, WHAT and HOW you can offer more Regenerative Tourism.

Slow Travel and Regenerative Tourism

Since 2014, we’ve been the only one to turn a popular 2-hour Thanh Toan cycling tour into a half-day and “Full-day Wet Rice Culture and Rural Life Immersion”. To all conscious travelers, this is a truly meaningful, regenerative experience.

Indeed, our Slow Travels accent on being ECO-FRIENDLY, NICHE, LOCAL as shown herewith. Therefore, if you need a fundamental action for sustainability, why not co-create and collaborate with us?

Special features of Thanh Toan Rural Immersion

  • VALUE DELIVERY instead of cost cutting. More experiences, more fulfillments, more income for locals.
  • ROOTED IN, SHAPED BY PLACE. We depict the rice theme throughout the cycling, activities, and typical menus and storytelling about rural heritages.
  • SUCCESS means net benefits, qualitative iso volume increase. The community must feel proud to share their culture, lifestyle. Boat, cyclo drivers… committed to reliable service.
  • EFFECTIVE, UNIQUE iso efficiency, standardization. Not taking everyone to the same places for the same things, we concentrate on authenticity, intimacy.
  • GENERATIVE. We inspire our hosts and guests to rethink, reuse, reduce. Refillable bottle, cotton towel, eco-friendly amenities for sustainability.
  • WELL-BEING, LIFE-LIKE ORIENTED There is no fixed timing but flexibly adapted to the “tempo gusto” (right time) of each traveler. Most importantly, guests feel emotionally connected.
  • COLLABORATIVE, SYMBIOTIC iso hierarchy structure. We invite ALL to join the ecosystem to empower. share benefits with the local community rather than competing or excluding anyone.

Finally, the core values of Regenerative Tourism are to be collaborative, symbiotic, and reciprocal. We invite you to join the ecosystem to act for sustainability. Together, we are empowering and sharing benefits with the local community rather than competing or excluding anyone. In terms of the tourism value chain, we must shift from silos, hierarchy structure to a more collaborative network. Travelers “end-consumer”, TOs, DMCs, Hotels, we and our community are to reclaim the service ecosystem that is equitable and sustainable. 

That means if you are keen to offer more meaningful products from the green Hue, please collaborate with us to regenerate the purpose, energy to the tourists, the hosts and the destinations.

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Sustainability, Happiness, Nature

Our mascot is a humanised turtle wearing a heart shaped shell, travelling slowly and happily. The head leans on Sustainability to promote a “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment”. Our heart shares Happiness or “Fulfilling in connecting”. Our hands embrace Nature to provide eco-friendly services.

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