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Best time to explore Tam Giang lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon Survival by Slow Travel Hue is a holistic immersion to understand how the farmers, fishermen “eat-pray-love”. It takes into accounts well-thought aspects to weave up a wholly impressive experience.  We have refreshed and upgraded the experience which customers feel so satisfied that the claim that six hours is not yet sufficient. Learn more why?

Tourists visit village temple
Visting a national relic village temple to gradually “feel” the rural life

Explore Tam Giang Lagoon with in-depth immersive experiences

Imagine yourself hopping on the back of a motorbike and let a friendly driver take you off the city hustle to immediately snake into quaint rural roads. Get up-close to meticulous village temples with mosaic and oriental design patterns. With eyes of curiosity and an open heart, you make multiple stops along the way to share stories, connect with locals and photograph beautiful scenes that are merely impossible from a bus transfer.

Make an interactive and flavourful stroll at rural market, nicknamed “Chợ Heo” as it used to be popular hub for villagers to trade and sell pigs. Talk, touch, taste exotic fruits, local veggies, and rustic snacks.

“Đổ nò” – lift up the fish trap

Comfortably seated in a wooden motorized sampan, you cruise leisurely amidst the picturesque lagoon. The Tam Giang – Cau Hai Wetland Protected Area in Thua Thien Hue province is the largest semi-closed lagoon system in Southeast Asia.

Penetrate the system of aquaculture “Sáo” and help the fisherman to lift the fishing trap “Nò”. Try hands in traditional fishing or rowing moon shaped sampan, kayaking be-like. Get some naturally bred fishes, shrimps, crabs to grill and taste them right on the fisherman stilt house “Nhà Chồ”.

Enjoy your rewarding fresh catch with a cold drink, gentle breeze while contemplating poetic pictures of heaven-earth-water and mankind.  Take a peaceful walk to learn more about the daily livelihood, housing of formerly boating nomads. Catch the authentic rural scenes of buffalos swimming, kids flying kites or playing football while the sun sets down the rice field.

A sunset walk in the middle of aqua-farm and rice field

Exclusive “farm-to-table” seafood dinner

Visit an aquafarm where the warm-hearted farmer shares with you the challenges and joys of his farming life. Get some shrimps and crab from the farm for your dinner.

Follow him to his field and farmhouse to pick some more veggies and prepare a “farm-to-table” home host meal.

Dining in a rustic setting, off-the-tourist radar, surrounded by bamboo, lotuses, roses, and rice. You will deeply indulge with the countryside living over the course of tea & talk, in company with the sounds of cattle, crickets and frogs.

Breathe in the fresh air and the tranquil atmosphere in the middle of nowhere yet within reach. After a nice dinner with convivial time with the host family, you only have to walk 200m to the car and get transferred back to your central hotel (circa. 20 minutes).

A farm-to-table dinner with fresh seafood and homegrown veggy

When is the best time to explore Tam Giang Lagoon?

The whole tour takes 6 hours with recommended timing from 2pm to 8pm, dinner included. (Morning tour with lunch is possible).

The best season is from March to the end of August to explore fully along the way and catch beautiful sunsets on the lagoon, the aquafarm, and the field. We recommend to travel one way by motorbike and a return by car, circa 20 minutes from the farm house.

Please find full itinerary or book the Tam Giang lagoon slow tour or contact us for any special inquiries.

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