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Pho Trach rush weaving

About 50km north of Hue, Pho Trach village has long been famous for weaving eco-friendly mats made from “Cỏ Bàng”, a specie of sedge. The wild grass grow naturally on lower wetland along the Ô Lâu river. For hundreds of year, local artisans  have made used of this natural materials to craft durable and refreshing sleeping mat. Today, they are inspired to produce more handcrafted gifts, bags, hats and picnic amenities thanks to great craftmanship and tasteful design.

CraftPho Trach Rush Weaving
SkillsHome décor, weaving eco-friendly handmade objects
ServicesWeaving workshop, craft tour experiences

The Craft

Since hundreds years, Pho Trach villagers have made used of the naturally grown “Cỏ Bàng” rush to make quality sleeping mats. When the rice is in blooming stage, the farmers start harvesting the grass on the lower wetland, along O Lau river. The grass is sundried for 3-5 days and become tougher, light and durable. Bundle of same length grass is pounded to make soft and thin yarn, then stored in the kitchen lofts. Local artisans practice weaving off the harvest season, during leisure time to supplement rice farming income.

Sleeping mat is best claim of Pho Trach rush weaving. It warm up during winter days and provides cool feeling during summer monsoon. Thanks to the new cooperatives and passionate artisans, the village now can craft more practical products such as handbag, hats, home items and travelling accessories. Eco-friendly straw made from this grass is very preferred. 

Things to experience

Join “From ancient craft village to Tam Giang” day trip from Hue to explore Pho Trach rush weaving craft village. Cycle or walk along this peaceful village to learn about a age old crafts. You may help local artisans on some part of the process (seasonal) and try hand weaving one product to take home as souvenir.

Equally, explore our curated craft boutique and order pre or post tour. We support this cooperative and women artisans to sustain their crafts and improve local livelihood. 

Best features

  • Eco-friendly products made with traditional craftmanship and local material
  • Supporting women farmers and sustainable farming
  • Enrich travel experience and make meaningful contribution to local economy

Pho Trach rush weaving craft

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