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Exploring Chuon Lagoon is an unforgettable slow travel experience.

Chuon lagoon is a very unique highlight of Hue. With its poetic scenery, authentic and simple lifestyle, Dam Chuon is the ideal place for an unforgettable slow travel experience in Hue.

Where is Chuon Lagoon situated?

Lagoon Chuon (fully named as Dam Chuon An Phu) belongs to An Truyen village, Phu An commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province.

Dam Chuon is about 7km from Hue city center, with an area of ​​more than 100 hectares. It forms part of a larger lagoon system of Tam Giang-Cau Hai, with high value and disctintive nature. Locals and visitors to Dam Chuon love the lyrical scenery and fresh air here. Exploring Dam Chuon is an very interesting day tour from Hue.

Fisherman stilt house “Nhà chồ” and aquaculture system “nò sáo” in Dam Chuon – Tam Giang lagoon Hue

Which means of transport is best suited for Chuon lagoon slow travel experience?

The road to Chuon Lagoon is pretty convenient. From the city center, you can go along Le Loi Street past Dap Da “stone dyke”, Vy Da ward then follow Provincial Road 10 towards An Truyen village. From there, you easily see Dam Chuon. Equally, you can opt to use the national road QL49.

As you see, Chuon Lagoon is not far and reachable on a day tour. Along the way, you may visit other scenic spots of the ancient capital. From Dap Da, your eyes glance at the poetic Perfume River and the iconic Truong Tien bridge. Then you wind through Vy Da green ward which inspired many Vietnamese poets by its lush gardens. The road to Dam Chuon crosses the vast green fields. All will bring you a feeling of lightness and relaxation throughout the journey.

You may travel to Dam Chuon by motorbike or car, or even by bicycle and rickshaw. Car is convenient and comfortable. You can combine with other visits to Thanh Toan ancient tile roofed bridge, Chuon market. However, moving around on two wheel is a great slow travel experience to immerse into Chuon Lagoon. You can stop, visit, interact to really feel the local life. Thanks to that, you have the opportunity to freely breathe in the fresh air of the lagoon.

Slow Travel to Dam Chuon by car, motorbike, bicycle and even rickshaw.

Chuon Lagoon Slow Travel Experience

What is the best time to visit Chuon lagoon?

The scenery in Dam Chuon is always poetic and peaceful. Therefore, in any season, Dam Chuon still offers various opportunities to discover its uniqueness and rare beauty. Especially, during the spring – summer, from March to September, it is abundantly interesting to explore Dam Chuon. This is also the aquafarming harvest season hence the villlage life seems to be more vibrant and bustling. You will netly absorb the authentic atmosphere at this time. Moreover, from the lagoon to the village market, the fresh catch of fish and shrimp boost a lively scene. Foodie fond shoud not miss this!

More remarkably, Dam Chuon is ever changing in every moment of a day. At dawn, Chuon lagoon is one of the best place in Hue for sunrise catching. There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than being able to spread your eyes until the horizon and wait for the sun to gradually emerge from the distance. Lagoon is bright again by noon, with blue sky and warm sun rays.

The most fanciful, most charming could be the sunset on Dam Chuon. The whole sky turns red with glittering shadows on the water. Far away, there are rustic bamboo bridges that bend around some stilt house on water. Some small fishing boats play dot on that nature painting. It is virtual and real, imaginative and lively. Very poetic but also very idyllic and familiar. This image has stirred millions of hearts when having the opportunity to travel slowly in Dam Chuon.

Freshly caught seafood market in the morning the dyke of Chuon Lagoon.

Things to do, to eat in Chuon Lagoon

Arriving at the lagoon at dawn, you have the chance to see the floating seafood market. Locals start fishing the evening before or after midnight. Therefore, 5 to 6 am is the most bustling time when the fishermen return and gather for trade. Some will sell right on the water, other resell at the nearby Chuon village market.

Take a morning boat ride around the lagoon and approach the floating market is a worthwhile slow travel experience. Whether in the early morning or at sunset, the cool fresh air in the immense lagoon will give you a feeling of freshness, far from your daily life. You can discover the special trap “nò” and nets “sáo” that form a symmetrical maze of aquaculture system. You may climb up a “nhà chồ”, the fishermen shelter perched in the lagoon. Sitting here, enjoying the scenery of Tam Giang’s water and waves, trying again to set up traps and release nets like a local is an unforgettable experience. It is a truly happiness!

The village temple is a not-to-be-miss sightseeing place when visiting the lagoon. This place preserves the spiritual culture of the villagers living on the sampan.

In particular, seafood in Dam Chuon is very rich and diverse. This land is famous for its typical aquatic species such as tiger shrimp, crab, swimmer, fish, tilefish, mullet, grouper, tilapia, potato fish, octopus…The seafood here has a sweet taste which differentate the aqua products from other places because it lives in a esturary freshwater environment.

After exploring the lagoon, you can visit Chuon village market to enjoy rustic dishes with affordable prices and extremely delicious flavors. Chuon village market is famous for its very intriguing fish cake. It is a great combination of freshly caught fish with crispy rice powder. It is appealing watch people cooking your cakes on open fire, hearing the sizzling sound and enjoy a bite from a low table in the middle of the market. You can change the pancake variation with shrimp, squid or veggie.

Making the fish pancake in Chuon Lagoon is an memorable slow travel experience.

It is better to slow travel in Chuon Lagoon

The more romantic and fanciful the Chuon Lagoon appears, the slower, lighter your travel need to be. Slow down to feel, to understand the local life and absorb the flavourful colours of nature.

Take it really easy to wander in the peaceful nature. Walking around the village watching the clouds, sky and river or taking a boat tour around the lagoon are delightul activities. Roaming every corner by using both motorised boats and pusing by long bamboo stick. Paddle slowly to hear the breath of the water, to relax and live with the wind.

Follow Slow Travel Hue’s Tam Giang peaceful scenery tour and try being a fisherman! This out-of-the-ordinary escape with not dissapoint you. Take a slow day tour to Dam Chuon to discover the beauty and people here. Observe everyday moments with the most peaceful mind. Sometimes it’s just very familiar scenes that are strangely exciting. For example, fishermen casting their nets in the middle of the lagoon, small canoes swishing the calm water in long trails, rural children catching crabs and snails, women chatting cheerfully in the morning market. The scene in that land, at that time suddenly become very beautiful, very poetic. It is just because you have immersed yourself into that inspiring story.

Instead of dining in tourist restaurants on the lagoon, why not try a rustic dinner at a local homestay? It would complete your slow travel experience in Chuon lagoon. It is simply more intimate, exclusive for both the travellers and the host community.

If you have the opportunity to visit Dam Chuon, do travel slowly to keep your Hue’s memories longlasting. Do not miss this peaceful sky, where you will regenerate positive energy for the next busy days.

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