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Visit Trà Thất Bohidharma teahouse in a rainy day, why not?

With many tourists visiting Hue in the rainy season, an outside trip to explore Hue city and spending time in a cozy teahouse must be a great idea. A day trip from Hue helps you find an interesting day in Kim Long by walking leisurely in rainy and taking Hue romantic photos. Especially, enjoying a warm cup of tea at Trà Thất Bohidharma teahouse is the highlight of the trip. In a cozy and tranquil atmosphere, you will find a sense of peace and relaxation in your mind. It is a journey back to Hue heritage and a journey within the meditation.

Enjoy a cup of herbal tea in Bohidharma teahouse

What is the special on a rainy day trip from Hue?

On rainy days, Hue is more romantic and ancient with the mossy monuments and ancient houses. It is the occasion to take many photogenic landscapes, to know about the old citadel of Vietnam and Hue culture. Let’s get out of your room and follow us to explore Hue’s beauty. In Kim Long village, we find several glory traces of Nguyen Lord and mandarins such as old gates and temples. You will be welcomed at a traditional garden house – a mandarin mausoleum and talk with the descendant. The visit helps you know more about Hue culture and people, to closer with local people. Then, spending your time walking in Thien Mu pagoda, one of the most beautiful sightseeing and learns local beliefs. On a rainy day, it is so warm when sipping a cup of herbal tea in an art space teahouse. We find harmony in nature and people.

Why is Trà Thất Bohidharma teahouse the highlight of the day?

Trà Thất Bohidharma teahouse is in Kim Long village and 1km far from Hue center. It is decorated follows the Meditation style of Buddhism. Thus, entering into the tranquil space, the guest finds it peaceful and relieving life burden after the gate. It also brings a comfortable feeling with a friendly and local decoration from ceramic jugs. In this atmosphere, you can feel relaxing sipping the cup of herbal tea, dried rose tea, enjoying the concerto or Trịnh music. This is an ideal place for meditation, find a peaceful mind. Simply see how to make tea and chat with friends. There are several kinds of tea to choose from like Trà Vương, Ô Long, etc., to lotus tea, herbal tea. Especially, many snacks and ginger jams are accompanied by tea make it a more tasty and funny moment.  A day trip from Hue to visit Trà Thất Bohidharma teahouse brings you Hue culture and spirit.

Teahouse in Hue

If it sounds curious to you, let us show you Hue’s beauty and interests with a day trip from Hue in Kim Long. I am sure that this is a unique experience on a rainy day for you. Follow us at www.slowtravelhue.com to find more local tours.

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