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Discover the unique mandarin mausoleum during a cycling tour in Hue

Coming to Hue, you probably visit the Citadel and Emperor Mausoleum and hearing about hundred stories of Nguyen Dynasty Emperors. However, have you ever been curious about a mandarin life? Follow our cycling tour in Hue to discover a unique Mandarin Mausoleum, a must-see masterpiece not only in Hue.

General Thiện Khanh and his excellent masterpiece

Passing by Bach Yen river bank in An Ninh Ha village, Huong Long commune, you can easily catch a special architecture. It has five Chinese words Thiện Khanh Võ tướng quân (General Thiện Khanh) on the gate. This mausoleum is a system of worship temple, a pavilion for the ceremony, and a tomb with 700mtotals square, facing to the South. The general’s name was Võ Văn Kiêm (1864-1940). He worked as a Guards mandarin since Emperor Hàm Nghi’s reign and later. Under Emperor Khải Định’s reign, he was promoted to a first-rank General Mandarin. He created the design for his mausoleum by consulting Khải Định’s mausoleums and managed to construction on his own. Especially one also finds in his mausoleum an inscription written in Nôm by the six-eight word of 96 sentences composed by Võ Văn Kiêm himself. Perhaps this is the unique Nom inscription carved in stone in Huế.

Take our cycling tour in Hue to meet the protector of the Tomb

The mausoleum still keeps its beauty and spirit up to now, thanks to Mr. Võ Văn Khôi. He is a 9th descendant of General Mandarin. Mr. Khôi and his wife are friendly hosts and careful protectors. They are farmers and always happy with their life. Mr. Khôi is fond of designing and taking care of bonsai trees. Thus, you can see an elegant and green garden harmony with the beauty of the mausoleum. He enthusiastically welcomes tourists with green tea and any garden fruit they have. Mr. Khôi introduces his family, the life of the General, and the Tomb proudly. Then he leads the group to visit the tomb and offer one with incense. Mr. Khôi always wants to show his respect to the ancestor and the tourists.

The temple keeper, Mr. Khoi is explaining about worshipping rituals

Why is this mandarin mausoleum special and unique?

Inside the temple, amazing lime weapons and lotus emboss on the wall. And especially, the lively limed statue of General carved from Phường Đúc village brings the temple majestic. Mr. Khôi told that the General took blood from his ten fingers top and mixed with the best aloeswood to put inside the statue. Thus, when he cleans the statue, he feels the fragrance and spirit come from it. Upon the top of the mandarin mausoleum is the temple of his parents. From here, we can see a beautiful panorama view and understand the Feng-shui practicing in his design. Behind is the mandarin tomb with the Vietnamese biography of Thiện Khanh General translated by Mr. Khôi.  The word “Nhất Thiện” above has the meaning that the most important of a person is giving kindness. What inspires the younger generation nowadays.

If it sounds interesting to you, find the “Kim Long longevity secrets in our Slow Travel website. With your very own local guide in a cycling tour in Hue, you will have an unusual experience to immerse yourself into Hue culture and engage with locals as well as Mr. Khoi- the Mandarin’s offspring.

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