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Peace in mind by eating vegetarian during Hue local food tour

For travelers, visiting and tasting food are the basic things to do for a trip. However, have you ever been slow for a peaceful moment in your mind and let your body take a rest? In a tranquil atmosphere, you will join a vegetarian meal and get incredible stories with a dedicated local guide. Vegetarian food in Hue is not just a typical Hue local food, it is our culture.

Enjoying vegetarian food in Hue

Hue people eat vegetarian food for Buddhism practice

In Hue, most of the populations are Buddhist or non-religion. For some special days of the lunar month, people usually go to a pagoda or temple to give incense and practice eating vegetarian. The first day and full moon days are considered the spiritual days of the lunar month. These days, markets sell full of flowers and fruits. Hue people will buy to worship for the altars and hold a small ceremony for the deceased. People practice eating vegetarian food as a way to save animals and do good things for these days of a month. Some people will have vegetarian food for three meals per day. They even do not use fish sauce (nước mắm) but soya sauce (xì dầu) to replace. This makes Hue vegetarian cuisine diverse because local people can create their best veggies dishes. Gradually, vegetarian food becomes one of the specialties in Hue’s local food menu.

Hue people eat vegetarian for purifying the body and soul 

Vegetarian food is more and more appreciated everywhere. It is not only because of religious practice but also for good health. In Hue particularly, vegetarian cuisine occupies an important place in local living. Nowadays, in order to detox the body, many people especially young people in the city find vegetarian food a good choice. They eat less meat, more veggies on any day of the week and drink juice rather than beverages. A friendly–environment eating habit will change people’s lifestyle and help them love life. Furthermore, we find all Hue women and monks are the talented and creative chef. When they can turn all closed veggies in the garden into delicacies even for the feast and a party. Especially, there is a special kind of cheese in Hue that we call “chao”. It is the most favorite Hue local food of vegetarian foodies.

“Bún chay” – the most popular dish of Hue local vegetarian food

Some great vegetarian restaurants or eateries for finding Hue local food

If you want to join a vegetarian meal in Hue, I would like to recommend some of the below amazing restaurants:

  • Liên Hoa restaurant (03 Le Quy Don St., Hue city)
  • Sân Mây restaurant (08 Thanh Tinh St., Vy Da, Hue city)
  • Thiền Tâm restaurant (110A Le Ngo Cat, Thuy Xuan, Hue city)

Eating vegetarian is not just enjoying the tastes of veggies but understanding the modesty and creativeness. It is better and easier if you join a meal with a local guide. This friend will be there to help and connect you to our culture by stories. Don’t forget that most vegetarian restaurants will close on the 1st and 15th in the lunar calendar since the local citizens have their own at home.

Join the Evening Foodie and Cyclo tour with our local expert and enjoy a fabulous night! A vegetarian meal for Hue local food will be a great choice for your trip. In case you would love to know more useful information about slow cycling tours from Hue, this essential guide could be your proper starting point.

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