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Cultural Heritage

Hue Festival 2024 unfolds throughout the year, reinforcing Hue's identity as the city of art, culture, and history. Stay tuned and make your trip to Hue more insightful.
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Gia Long Tomb stands as one of the most spectacular architectural wonders within the Hue UNESCO monuments complex. Despite its grandeur, it is often excluded from travel itineraries, causing many visitors to overlook its unique features. Wondering why?
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Hoàng Mai means yellow or royal apricot is an endemic species the imperial city. Learn why local people want to brand Huế the land of yellow apricots.
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Food is an important motivation of travel. While in Hue, you should eat like a Hue resident! Spend a savoury evening with a passionate guide and cyclo drivers to mindfully explore Hue off-the-beaten-path and surprising food. All chosen dishes, venues reflect the three gastronomic traditions of the ancient capital: Royal, folk, and vegetarian cuisine.
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Slow travel through Hue local markets
Since the old days, markets have always been an important part of socio-economic life of a community. "Hue rural markets, flavors savoring, locals engaging” opens up interesting stories and delicacies worth exploring.
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Since the old days, Nêu pole erecting ceremony has been a beautiful custom in Vietnamese minds. Under the Nguyễn Dynasty, the palace elaborated it to a royal rite with tall bamboo pole erected in the Imperial City. This article helps you understand more about the origin and meaning of “Nêu” pole.
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With consistent planning and clever engineering, festival will play the active role in satisfying tourists with diverse preferences to immerse. It improves customer loyalty to revisit Hue all year round and many time again. This article will unveil the cultural richness of Hue territory with a large repertoire of Festival.
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Vu Lan can be implicitly consider as Vietnamese “Mother’s Day”. In Hue particularly, Vu Lan is a great Buddhist festive season, a spiritual event in praise of motherly love.
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While wandering around Thuy Bieu village, discussing with senior elderly, we have learnt a legend that might bring some lights to this mystery. The legend of the “Seven Jump Hero” and the “Sacrificing” Rooster.
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Our mascot is a humanised turtle wearing a heart shaped shell, travelling slowly and happily. The head leans on Sustainability to promote a “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment”. Our heart shares Happiness or “Fulfilling in connecting”. Our hands embrace Nature to provide eco-friendly services.

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