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Tiger Arena – A must-see hidden relic for cycling tour in Hue 

Tiger Arena is one of the hidden heritages of Nguyen Dynasty in Thủy Biều village, Hue city. Besides the famous Imperial city and Tombs, take your time to discover other hidden relics. It is interesting to do a cycling tour in Hue and visit the unique Asian Coliseum in Vietnam.

Tiger Arena – one of the hidden heritages of Nguyen Dynasty in Thủy Biều village
Hổ Quyền – A must-see hidden relic for a cycling tour in Hue

In 1830, Emperor Minh Mạng built Tiger Arena for the tiger and elephant fight to entertain the King and royal family. It consists of two thick circulars walls around the earthen rampart. Stairs lead to the top of the wall where setting the observation place for the King and his royal family, other sites for commoners. Inside the arena, there is five tiger cage where remain claw marks visible in the plaster walls. Visitors can easily take a cycling tour in Hue to Thủy Biều village. Follow the south bank of Perfume River about 4 km to the west of Hue city to reach this unique legacy.

How did the battle happen?

Before this arena was built, there were some battles that took place in Dã Viên islet under Nguyễn Lord. However, the fight appeared some accident and danger. The tiger run toward jumped up and attack the elephant manager. With such, Minh Mang King chose a hill in Thủy Biều village and built the current Tiger Arena for the safety. The elephant represented the Nguyen Dynasty and the tiger was a symbol of rebellion. Thus, the elephant always won. The tiger was starved, had its claws and fang cut before the fight. If the elephant could not do the job, guardians sent other elephants in to help.  Because of the danger and brutality of this entertainment, the last battle took place in 1904 during the reign of Emperor Thành Thái. Now, with the help of a cycling tour in Hue, tourists will easily have an insight into Nguyen Dynasty.

Elephant Tiger Fight Spectacle in Chinese or Vietnamese Circus (Annam) (Oct 1904) — Image by © Chris Hellier/Corbis

Elephant – the loyal and brave warriors of Vietnam Dynasties  

The elephant has played a significant role in Vietnamese culture and history. They accompanied with heroes in a battle against the invading Chinese. For example The Trưng Sisters, Bà Triệu are perhaps the most famous women warriors. Quang Trung King with huge canons on the back of elephants killed hundreds of enemies. The elephant becomes a loyal partner of the Vietnamese General. The legend has it that, a Northern general died in the civil battle, the poor elephant ran to the south. At Longevity hill, he was exhausted and died after a shouting. Emperor Gia Long felt the loyalty of the elephant. Then, he built a temple to worship him and warrior elephants. Now, when you have a cycling tour in Hue to this hill, you can see Elephant temple near the Tiger Arena. The elephant was an integral part of ceremonies and a spirit animal of the royal monarchy.

Visiting the unique Asian Coliseum in Vietnam

Make your trip remarkable with a cycling tour in Hue, our local guide will be your storyteller and a connection to local people. Find your trip to Thủy Biều flavourful wandering . You will have an amazing day for this ordinary experience.

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