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Experience a Vesak day in Hue

We are living in an inspiring season, thus the TCP Slow Travel Hue team would like to take this chance to invite you to explore the slowness of Huế and the harmony of awakened living. Yes, we are celebrating the “Buddhist week” (May 25th to June 1st), to commemorate the Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Passing, so-called day of Vesak, year 2559 in Buddhist calendar. Let us show you how Hue city and its citizens, majority are Buddhists have been preparing and living this festive atmosphere, with a series of cultural events.
Decorating streets, bridges, pagodas and houses with lotus shaped lanterns

On main day (31th of May 2015), thousands of Hue citizens will attend morning ceremony at the pagodas. Tu Dam pagoda is the most crowded, praying and offering the whole day long until the evening with spectacular Buddhist cultural performance. Everyone is cherished at the pagoda, sharing a vegetarian lunch is one of the most enchanting connecting, in the light of Buddha.

For those interested in Art & Handicraft, the Visual Art Exhibition of Truc Chi “Wish of Peace” is not to be missed” (From 25th May to 2nd June, at Lieu Quan Buddhist Cultural Center, 15A Le Loi, Hue)

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