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Why is cycling a perfect choice in Hue?

Hue is a small city living on its glorious past at a very slow pace, as slow and leisurely as the romantic Perfume River in its heart. Hue has not yet been officially named as a cittaslow (labelled for recognized slow city) but if you take your time when travelling and looking with more attention, you will find that Hue deserves the nomination.

When in Hue, you are away from the “fast and furious” daily life. Dawn till midnight from the city center to the rustic villages, you can see local people relaxingly travel on their bicycles.

It is very relaxing to explore the city center by bicycle
Watching a mother lovingly carrying her young kid on her bicycle, 
we feel nostalgic about our childhood. 

Watching the naive girls in their pure white ao dai gracefully cycling to school, 
we feel a brighter life. 

Watching the monks cycling along the tree-lined roads effortlessly and blissfully, 
we find mindfulness. 

Watching a farmer cycling home relaxingly after a day of hard work, 
we appreciate the simplicity of life.
The countryside, sea, mountains are with cycling distance

Hue is perfect for cycling as there are plentiful sightseeing places in the vicinity. The green villages, pine hills, beaches, or South-East Asia largest lagoon system are just 10-15 km away, reachable in less than an hour by biking. Why not travel at the locals’ pace to truly absorb the local way of living? The excursions organized by Slow Travel Hue are completely conceptualized around leisure cycling and not hard-core, as we take it as a means rather than a focus. Therefore, a conventional quality bike is suitable for all ages and levels. For anyone who cannot cycle for long, we offer an electric bike or a cyclo as an alternative, for they are also leisurely and environment friendly.

For those who cycle, we commit to arranging comfortable and easy-to-manage bikes. There are several choices but the one we like most is a “STRONGMAN” cross bike. It is chosen to suit all men and women, as it has a big wheel (28”) and 21 gears to go smoothly on both urban streets and rural trails. Last but not least, we wish to inspire everyone who joins us with the metaphorical story of an eight-year odyssey around the world by two men who gave the bicycle the name as STRONG MAN.

“CYCLE” is the metaphorical symbol of life – the beginning, the journey and the return. The biCYCLE is thus the vehicle for discovery, completing the image nicely!

Check out this Slow Cycling Tours from Hue: Essential Guide to gain more useful information and best tips about cycling possibilities in Hue.

Join Slow Travel Hue on our immersive and authentic cycling excursion. Each journey is a journey back and a journey within, promising relaxing moments and cultural engagements.

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