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The fragrance of Thanh Tra and top secret essential oil

In August and September (July in lunar calendar), when wandering around Hue city, you can easily catch in sight many street vendors with baskets full of green pomelos. We call them “Thanh Trà”, with a similar appearance to other kinds of pomelo but has distinctive fragrance and fine taste. The best Thanh Trà is those grown in Thủy Biều village, literally means “flask of water”, a beautiful village with fertile land, lying by the bank of the Perfume River. Thanks to this location, Thủy Biều is a gracefully endowed ancient village, worth discovering and Thanh Trà is a queen fruit worth tasting.

Thanh Tra pomelo with light yellow peel, ripen season in August, September.
Why did Thanh Tra become the fruit to offer the King?

No one knows with certainty about the arrival of this fruit but there was a legend that the 6th Nguyễn Lord (Nguyễn Phúc Chu – 1675-1725) once took a cruise on the Perfume River and called by this peaceful village. The hospitable villagers offered him this Thanh Trà fruit and he was so amazed at its taste that he ate 6 fruits in a row !?. Since then, the farmers in Thủy Biều have intensively grown and paid the best care of Thanh Trà as it has become a decent “Fruits offered for the Kings and Royalty”. This tree makes the ancient village distinctively attractive all year round. In spring, gardens are lifted up by white flowers, lending appealing fragrance all along the village paths. Summer is painted with green of young fruits and Autumn is a special invitation to lucky visitors. All is enchanted with the exciting scene of green pomelos dangling above their head. In winter, the plants take a rest and wait for the sun to cherish.

During this month, families in Hue are offering their friends the first Thanh Tra of the season as a special souvenir gifts for their visit. Mothers and fathers pack & post to their children, relatives living away from home this childhood delights as a reminder of their source.

A Slow Travel Tour to the land of Thanh Tra

For TCP Slow Travel Hue, we take this chance to warmly invite you and your travelers to explore the green and ancient village of Thuy Bieu. Inspired by the anecdote of the fruit offered to the Kings, we created and have successfully operated an innovative themed tour “Thuy Bieu Flavourful Wandering”. It is a direct immersion into the local life, connecting the scents of authenticity and royalty, like the Fragrance of Thanh Tra but most importantly you will feel immersed in a welcoming family atmosphere. You will cycle leisurely (or ride a rickshaw) so as to stay connected with the hidden heritages and untold stories related to Nguyễn family, enjoy cooking with local host in a beautiful garden house and of course a romantic dragon boat cruise like the Lord Nguyễn visiting Thủy Biều in the 17th century. Memorable moments and unique experience in Hue away from the classic highlights.

Thanh Tra essential oil Hue women best-kept secrets

Thanh Tra not only has fragrant fruit, but the peel, flowers, and leaves also give off a unique aroma. In addition to serving as fresh fruit or making many delicacies, Thanh Tra pomelo peels also have medicinal value, favorably for haircare, skin care and treat respiratory diseases. Our immersion in to Thủy Bằng village namely “Nature for Wellness Exploration”, on the upstream of the Perfume River integrates more hands-on experience with this special pomelo.

Hue women have a traditional way to keep their hair both beautiful and fragrant, which is to use Thanh Tra pomelo leaves or peel for shampoo. This is a unique pomelo variety, offered to royal court of Hue. Now, Thanh Tra Essential Oil will help you continue the tradition of beauty care in a simple, natural and relaxing way.

Thanh Tra Essential Oil is transparent and has a gentle and refined fragrance. Why not try it now?

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