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3 reasons why Hue cyclo is a can’t-miss choice for day trip from Hue

Traveling by cyclo or “xích lô” is one of the most interesting options in Vietnam, especially in Hue. Taking a cyclo to discover Hue heritages and local corners bring tourists a deep and leisure journey. It is an eco-friendly vehicle helping tourists understand more about a slow and green city. Let’s take a day trip from Hue by cyclo to immerse into Hue people’s lives and sites!

Slow travel on a day trip from Hue by cyclo

Cyclo originated from the French word “cyclo-pouse” and “xích lô” in Vietnamese. With the development of modern transportations, “xích lô” Hue is still preserved to bring tourists free and comfortable journeys. Nowadays, tourists traveling to Hue will have a lot of choices to spend their time. Besides visiting the Citadel and monuments, getting to the local life and enjoying local food become popular for tourists. For those who don’t want to rush in a classic program, relaxing on a cyclo ride will be a fine option. With a good vibe, you can have time to enjoy the sight-seeing or take hundreds of photos easily. What a pity if you miss artistic moments on your day trip! I bet you cannot shot the photo of a local vendor or buffalos if you are on the bus. With a day trip from Hue by cyclo, tourists can find peace and freedom on slow travel.

Be an ambassador of sustainable tourism on Hue cyclo, why not?

Hue is famous for a garden city and it impresses tourists when they come and stay. Taking a day trip from Hue by cyclo means you are protecting our environment. This helps to decrease the smoke and noise which affect our nature and health. A cyclo tour program is a way to educate tourists to love our planet and get close to nature. Getting on Hue by cyclo, you will feel fresh and close to nature rather than sitting on a bus with the air-conditioner. Enjoying the old city slowly and talking to the driver also an exciting experience. The cyclo is a simple vehicle but also an essential member of the family through generations to bring up children. Joining a cyclo tour means you boost a part income for the cyclo driver. It is so meaningful and sustainable to promote this eco-friendly vehicle in tourism.

What makes Hue cyclo tour a favorite option for tourists?

Cyclo is one of the popular tourist transportations in Hue and other cities like Hoi An or Ha Noi. However, many tourists choose “xích lô” Hue to be a part of their journeys in Vietnam. So, we thought we see the reasons for that. In the old days, the main customers who traveled by rickshaw in Hue were upper class as we call “Mệ”. Therefore, the driver knew how to serve them carefully and politely. And now, it is the tradition to serve the tourists professionally. Hue cyclo drivers belong to the Cyclo Association of Hue Tourism Department. They are trained for knowledge, skill, and foreign languages. Hue cyclo drivers are very friendly and helpful. So, please feel free to ask them for any help. And if it is possible, they will be the best free local guide for a day trip from Hue by cyclo.

Last but not least, riding cyclo is a happy but hard job. Thus, the rider will be happy and feel respected to be a private cyclo for only one person. You both have a fun day and memorable experiences. Enjoy your journey in Hue at best with a local guide at www.slowtravelhue.com. We are ready and pleased to help you find a day trip from Hue by a cyclo tour program.

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