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9 Firsts and Be Stronger Together 2023

It is emotionally proud to congratulate on how a resilient team moved forward since the reopening in 2022 and be thankful to all who nutures local linkage.

2022 Build Back Better

In March, Slow Travel Hue had the first team reconnecting. We launched the rebranded identity and reconfirme our shared core values and vision.

#sustainability #nature #happiness

We stood up purposefully together as a collective and “travel in flow” to re-integrate tourism with People, Planet, Place and Pace.

After a resilient preparation during the pandemic, 2022 recorded good signs of Recover, Rebuild, Reimagine.

  • 14 new DMCs started the collaboration and sent customers
  • 20+ successful fam trips for DMCs, overseas Tour Operators
  • 5+ new travel experiences, many upgrades
  • 4 new host families, communities to empower
  • 6 featuring on NGOs work, travel blogs, guidebook with a focus on sustainability

Joys came back after a long pause

“Two years three months, it was such a great joy to welcome tourists again” Mr.Phuoc, the host texted and shared photos of first guests cycling Kim Long village on the 2nd of May.

First returns in Thanh Toàn village in early June

Then Thanh Toàn village debuted with the first father and daughter trip and some small groups from an Academy in the US.

Opening of the herbal tour

Dreaming hard through two years of pandemic and fighting the challenges of bad weather, it was a pure pride to see the first adventurers immerse into the upstream Perfume River. The special lunch at the herbal farm embraced all local knowedges on medicial plants used in gastronomy and traditional remedies.

Go slower, deeper, further in Tam Giang lagoon

It’s time to open up the new farm place and offer guests what a real fishermen life is like.

Reset capacity after a long pause

Dust off the garden, the equippements, our ressourceful housewives, charming hosts of the ancient houses welcomed big group from South Africa.

Many more Firsts

And there are many more Firsts that we invite your to explore through below link.

2022 reinforced our commitment for community empowerment and sustainable practices.
2023 will take us far in the journey of co-creation and regeneration.

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Sustainability, Happiness, Nature

Our mascot is a humanised turtle wearing a heart shaped shell, travelling slowly and happily. The head leans on Sustainability to promote a “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment”. Our heart shares Happiness or “Fulfilling in connecting”. Our hands embrace Nature to provide eco-friendly services.

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