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Thanh Tien Paper Flower

Thanh Tien village is lying by the downstream of Perfume River, 10km from Hue Center. It has a 300 year traditions of making colourful paper flowers for offering and lotus flower. Thanh Tien paper flower village derived from folk belief and respect for the Kings according to Confucianism values. 
CraftTraditional paper flower making
SkillsHandicraft, home decor
ServiceHands-on craft experiences
Location10km from Hue

The Craft

Depicting popular local flowers, the colours representing five basic elements of the universe, Thanh Tien villagers created colorful flowers on papers, which was firstly used for offering purpose. Later on, paper flower making craft evolved, with lotus paper and diverse application for decoration. Coming to Hue before Tet holidays, tourists easily catch scenes of colorful paper flowers on sales both rural and urban markets, along the streets. Hue families buy paper flowers to change in altars once a years.

Thanh Tien paper flower has been innovated and honorably become the symbol of major festivals such as Hue Festival, Ao Dai fashion show. It tours around the world during cultural exhibition as a showcase of Hue unique culture and craftmanship. 

Things to experience

Join “Bao Vinh Craft villages” to explore Thanh Tien village and try hand making colourful paper flowers. This craft is rare yet fragile due to the threat of modern lifestyle. Your participation is helping to sustain local craft. 

Equally, we can help you order handcrafted paper flowers for your decorating your projects. 

Best features

  • In-depth imprint of Hue spiritual culture
  • Colourful, impressive for decorating events
  • Completely handmade from simple material transformed with high craftmanship

Thanh Tien paper flower

Things to buy

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