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Phường Đúc Bronze Casting

Phuong Duc bronze casting guild lies along the southern bank of the Perfume river,  about 3km southwest of the city center. Under the Nguyen dynasty, the area was a bustling foundry quarter, responsible for providing essential including weapons, offering sets, and utensils. Today, artisans from five communes still practice the crafts. Among these, Kinh Nhon and Ban Bo are the two largest and most acclaimed bronze casting villages.

CraftBronze casting
Skillscasting household, ritual objects, souvenir in bronze
ServiceBronze casting experiences, souvenir, gifts

The Craft

Bronze casting is one of the oldest traditional crafts in Vietnam and Phường Đúc, which incorporates the ancient bronze casting of Kinh Nhơn dated back to 1600. The foundry ward was flourished during the reign of Nguyễn family, with talented artisans precipitated throughout the country. It was there that some notorious masterpiece were made. You can see them as the Nine Dynastic Urns, the 16 bronze Cauldrons, the Nine Sacred Cannons in the Citadel and Đại Hông Chung Grand Bell at Thien Mu Pagoda.

Today, the guild has more than 60 casting furnaces and around 150 workers. Products range from the funereal (urns, statues, caskets, ect), to household appliances (flower vases, pots, pans) and fine handicrafts.

Things to experience

You can visit a bronze casting workshop during the cycling tour from Hue “Thuy Bieu flavourful wandering”. Occasionally, you witness some important process of the craft. The exhibition house introduces the history and products of the guild. 

For special interest groups, we can organise an in-depth workshop to learn and experience this ancient crafts. 

Our Craft Boutique curates typical products from Phuong Duc to help you purchase pre or post tour. This will help preserve the heritage and improve local craftmen livelihood. 

Best features

  • The guild’s excellent artisans contributed to the imperial capital’s copper masterpieces

Vietnam Bronze Casting

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