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Bao La bamboo knitting

Situated 30km north of Hue, Bao La is famous for quality bamboo knitting products. In the old days, the whole village used to practice this craft after the crop, to make essential farming objects like bamboo baskets, pods, tray, etc. Nowadays, more home décor, accessories are made to respond to the quest of authenticity and green living. Thanks to endowed bamboo material, outstanding craftmanship, Bao La excellent basketry and fashionable trays stay very competitive across Vietnam and abroad. 

CraftBamboo knitting
SkillsBamboo knitting, accessories design
ServicesKnitting workshop, bamboo kitchen, home decors
LocationBao La village near Tam Giang Lagoon, Hue.

The Craft

Bao La artisans have been proud of their dexterity, creativity in crafting quality basketry since 600 years. Unfortunately, when plastic household items dominate the market more importantly, the handcrafted bamboo products lost competitiveness. Since 2007, a new cooperative was established orientate the production, market output. There was enhanced training, and technology transfer to meet new taste and export demand. Artisans now work collectively yet specialise on process,  from bamboo splitting, sharpening, knitting, rim making. They also enrich the offering with home décor items, bamboo kitchenware. However, basketry, trays are still Bao La’s best claim with outstanding quality. 

Things to experience

Join us on an immersive to Tam Giang Lagoon or Phuoc Tich ancient village, with a stop by Bao La Bamboo Knitting to learn more about the craft. Alternatively, participate on a bamboo workshop decicated to mastering the technique of bamboo knitting. This ancient village is very peaceful for cycling, walking and absorbing genuine rural life in Vietnam. 

Best Features

  • Bao La villagers work collectively for sustainable competitiveness domestic and export market
  • The cooperative is great sample of local empowerment, equality of opportunity especially for women, elderly.
  • The handcrafted products are affordable, eco friendly, very useful for daily use as well as decoration. 
  • Conveniently located on the way to Tam Giang Lagoon or Phuoc Tich ancient village.

Bao La Bamboo Knitting

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