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Ta Ôi Zeng Brocade Weaving

Zeng weaving is more than an art. It is an intangible cultural heritage preserved by Ta Oi ethnic women in Aluoi mountainous region, central Vietnam. Zeng is not only sophisticated but also lively describe unique values in the tribal culture and life, making it one of the country’s finest brocade weaving arts.

CraftTa Oi Zeng Brocade Weaving
SkillsWeaving, fashion design
ServicesTextile workshop, craft objects
LocationAluoi mountains, Hue City

The craft

Zeng is a vivid demonstration of colours and ethnic motifs, mastered by Ta Oi women. It is meticulous and hard to be made with machine. The artisan normally sits on the floor, using a back-strap loom with a wrap of the loom stretched from a a strap around her back until a bamboo bar held by her feet. Black is the dominant colour of zeng as a background to their designed patterns, with white beads and other popular colours. The most difficult technique is the arrangement of the beads to make a pattern, which is done during the weaving process and requires a lot of skill and experience to perfect. There are about 76 popular patterns on the brocade, reflecting the diverse topics of their belief, culture and daily life. 

Things to experience

Experience Zeng brocade weaving in the heart of a Ta Oi ethnic group, during a day trip to A Luoi, 75km west of Hue. This green escape to the rural mountainous region help you learn, do, feel, share with skillful and hardworking artisan to learn primitive yet sophisticate technique of weaving. Equally, you can make some Zeng accessories, décor objects at our workshop in Hue city, serving as a supportive link to Aluoi women textile cooperative. This is a great way to preserve and support these communities on a more sustainable livelihood.

Unique selling points

  • A painstaking craft, delicate, diverse and totally handmade
  • The patterning on Zeng brocade represents rich universe of Ta Oi ethnic
  • Great values for creative, fashion design as well as home décor

A Luoi - Ta Oi Zeng Brocade Weaving

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