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Community Based Tourism (CBT)

CBT is based on special aspects of local life that community members feel proud and comfortable to share with visitors, and that tour operators feel confident to sell. Local people are then trained to develop these potentials into fun, safe, and professional activities.

ObjectivesCBT projects
MissionConsulting CBT, marketing and long term support
OutcomeCBT linkage, CBT Boutique

Vietnam CBT Potential

Vietnam has a great diversity of culture, ethnic groups, pristine rural spaces holding many authentic communities to develop meaningful CBT experiences. Though CBT is widely used, simply visiting a village does not mean that local people will benefit from tourism. Since the first day, involving local communities in service offering resides in our DNA. We engage, invest, train to create various experiences: hands-on crafting, farming, home cooking, homestay.

We purposely consult and connect truly CBT projects across Vietnam at various ranges:

  1. ‘Classic CBT’ Overnight village stays in simple homestays / lodges, with exploration of local life with local villager guide.
  2. Comfortable accommodations or activities developed through joint investments. Community members play key roles in management and operations.
  3. Short visits to support a local craft cooperative, eat a meal, etc.

CBT Consult

We passionate in consider, conceive and craft genuine CBT projects with 3 key principles:

  1. Step by step capacity building to prepare community members to welcome guests, manage and deliver tourism services and activities
  2. Systematic efforts to share opportunities for work and income, including indirectly through a community fund or similar mechanism
  3. Cross-cultural exchange based on aspects of local life which community members feel proud and comfortable to share with visitors.

Therefore, for each CBT tours and services we create, travelers will enjoy meaningful experiences of “Learn, Do, Feel, Share”

CBT Connect

We focus on building trusting marketing partnerships and business linkages:

  • Horizontally, with other like minded CBT across Vietnam to weave up solid CBT referral network;
  • Vertically, with discerning stakeholders in tourism sector (DMCs, TOs, hotels, travel agency), corporates, and NFOs, NGOs to leverage CBT marketing and management for sustainable development.

CBT Boutique

Many CBT occur in rural spaces where traditional crafts play an important role in enriching travel experiences, creating income and sustaining CBT initiatives.

Our CBT Boutique aim to curate crafts from referred CBT, and offer as meaningful souvenir, gifts. It also helps to proliferate cultural inspiration pre, post the tour. 

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