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Herbal Tourism

Nature plays an important role in keeping us fit. By returning to nature, we are satisfying our love for natural beauty and laying the foundations for good mind, body and spirit. We are recalling the know-how of thousand years traditional healing of Southern Medicine and the richness of Vietnamese herbs and medicinal plants, to innovate herbal products and tourism experiences.

TargetHerbal and medicinal plants
MissionPromoting Vietnam traditional healing and medicinal herbs
OutcomeHerbal products & tourism experiences

Southern School of Traditional Medicine

Laying on the maritime silk road, Vietnam wellness heritage inherited from either Indian (Ayurvedic) and Chinese medicine. It also embrace the richness of folk remedies that originated from indigenous practices found through the region. Many remedies are plant-based and often known as “Thuốc Nam” Southern School of traditional Medicine. 

Tue Tinh, a Buddhist monk lived in 14th century, is revered as the founder of the Southern School of Medicine. His first record in Nam Duoc Than Hieu “The Miraculous Efficacy of Vietnamese Medicines” described 580 indigenous drugs used in 3,873 prescriptions for 10 clinical specialties, mostly based on Vietnamese plants. 

The 18th century physician Hai Thuong Lan Ong, compiled a “The Hai Thuong Medical Treatsie” after 30 years of practicing medicine. It described another 300 remedies. All the herbs and plants used in these remedies grow naturally in Vietnam and their use remain very popular among common people.

Currently, Vietnam identifies around 3,200 medicinal plants, a great treasure for practicing herbal remedies and crafting herbal products. 


Herbal Tourism Experiences

Our herbal tourism experiences focus on two pillars. Firstly,  tourists will visit our dedicated herbal gardens and take part in some activities to learn about medicinal herbs, culinary herbs in their natural setting. They will enjoy some healthy menus, herbal products making workshop. 

Secondly, tourists can experience health check consultation to traditional herbalist and Southern Medicine Center in Hue. Under the Nguyen dynasty, The Royal Hospital “Thai Y Vien” became the best medical institution for the court. The hospital attracted numerous excellent physicians from all over the country and trained outstanding ones and left a large number of valuable remedies. In the past as well as at present, Hue deserves to be the Specialist Medical Centre for the country.

Herbal products & workshops

We support local villagers and cooperative to develop herbal gardens as resources for generating income for villagers and learning centers for the public, tourists. Our team has a strong link with forest dwellers around Hue to preserve indigenous plants and practice sustainable farming.

We produce almost 5 main groups of essential oils that are mostly used in traditional Vietnamese practices: Oils extracted from leaves, roots, fruits & flowers. fruit peel, from tree bark. We specialize in Hue best claim “Tinh dau tram” Eucalyptus essential oil. Guests can visit the plantation, distillation workshop when exploring our herbal farm, combined with Gia Long tomb and the pomelo village upstream Perfume River

Our rose, medicinal and culinary herbs garden offers opportunity for an intuitive herbal walk, workshop for making plant-based tea, cosmetic for self-care, for your face, your mind.  

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