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Embrace 4 trends to broaden your Wellness Offering

GWI (Global Wellness Institute) defined and measured wellness tourism with two types of Primary and Secondary Wellness Travel. The secondary accounted for 92% of wellness trips and 90% of wellness expenditures in 2020 (Data). This segment continued to grow at a faster pace (9.2% annually) and will be the future of tourism. Why? What is Wellness and how to embrace the trends that help you spice up product offering and win more of this share.

Wellness is broader and more accessible than you think.

Not only limited to spa, luxury health resorts, exclusive retreats, etc., Wellness is the proactive things we do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, prevent disease, and enhance our wellbeing. While the primary wellness travelers have the destination, activities chosen primarily motivated by wellness, the secondary one takes a broader and more diverse wellness experience to maintain wellness while traveling.

More connection with nature

Mental Health Acceptance is the New Norm. More travelers want to avoid congested tourist attractions in favor of smaller cities, and more remote locations surrounded by nature. Hue city and accessible Perfume River, lagoon, hot spring, Bach Ma national Park Forest will become prime assets to nature-based and wellness tourism.

Nature helps reduce our anger, fear, and depression and increases our positive mood and psychological wellbeing. Time in nature also brings us out of ourselves and our narrow concerns and connects us to a larger world where we find beauty and interest.

Herbal tea and cake, connecting nature by the upstream Perfume River

Fill your cup and that of the Local Community you visit

“Building it backbetter” regenerative and purposeful travel calls for more doing good and influencing positive impact to planet, place, people they visit. Slow Travel is a perfectmatch.

In the life of the fisherman – Tam Giang Lagoon Immersion

Family Friendly Wellness

Parents can leave digital technology at home and spend more time bonding with their children or on the way round. They can join hands on creative craft experiences or teach kids sustainable and healthy lifestyle values and activities.

Painting conical hat in Thuy Bieu village

Plant-based, vegetarian food and plant medicine.

Vietnam wellness heritage inherited from either Indian (Ayurvedic) and Chinese medicine. It also embraces the richness of folk remedies that originated from indigenous practices found through the region. Many remedies are plant-based and often known as “Thuốc Nam” Southern School of Traditional Medicine. You will be amazed to appreciate plant wisdom by foraging wild medicinal plants, prepare herbal drink, plant-based meals or making natural products, essential oil?

Foraging wild medicinal plants

There are more trends you can embrace in these recommendations and realize that all Slow Travel Hue’s experiences have integrated these features purposefully.

Off-the-beaten-track Nature for Wellness Experience from Hue

Every destination has its own unique features that can be a source for wellness. All Slow Travel Hue tours integrate unique and authentic experiences, built upon indigenous healing practices; ancient spiritual traditions; native plants and forests; green living space (garden house, Feng Shui), local ingredients and culinary traditions; history and culture; arts and crafts; etc.   But this tour will help you attract more secondary wellness travel.

“Nature for Wellness Exploration” will be the most exciting nature-based experience that embrace above mentioned wellness trends. And now is the best time for this nature immersion in the upstream Perfume River.


  • Wander through green orchards, villages, scenic mountains and riverscape
  • Explore the nature-integrated royal mausoleum of Emperor Gia Long
  • Learn about medicinal plants and traditional uses for healing, culinary and more
  • Savour a healthy lunch, make some herbal products at the farmhouse
  • Indulge with nature while swimming, rafting, or relaxing by the Perfume River

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