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Hue Cajeput Essential Oil


Extracted from the Cajeput tree, Hue Cajeput essential oil helps circulate blood, prevent colds, warms the body and treats insect stings. The product also helps repel and reduce mosquitoes, insect bites and is used in cosmetics, antiseptic creams.

Clear, colorless to light yellow or green.

Size: 10ml, 30ml with dropper inside.

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Tinh Dau Tram Gio Huel is extracted from the Melaleuca tree, the scientific name is Malaleuca Cajuputi. Melaleuca cajuputi is a woody plant, with elongated leaves like bamboo leaves, small seeds and flowers. This variety grows the hilly areas of Quang Tri and Hue provinces has high essential oil content.

Product details
  • Features:Pure Melaleuca cajuputi essential oil will have a slightly strong, fresh, warm smell. Essential oil composition includes Cineole 1.8, Pinene, Limonene, Terpinolene, Terpinene, Selinene.
  • Benefits:
    • Very good for health, especially safe to use with babies and children.
    • Helps prevent colds, toothaches, illnesses caused by weather changes.
    • Relieves pain, swelling, nasal congestion, difficulty breathing.
    • Is effective in repelling insects, reducing itching and swelling caused by mosquitoes, insect bites.
    • Helps refresh the mind, reduce mental fatigue.
    • Stimulates blood circulation, warms the body, activates secretions and organs.
    • Is widely used in cosmetics, antiseptic creams.
  • Instructions for use:
    • Inhale deeply, directly from the bottle 3 times which helps to quickly relieve nasal congestion and difficult breathing.
    • In case of headache, nasal congestion, rub oil on your forehead and sides of your nose.
    • Put 3 drops in a cup of hot water and then cover over your head with a towel to inhale and relieve colds.
    • Add 3 drops to a basin of warm water to bathe babies and young children.
    • Put a few drops on a cotton ball and insert it into the root of the affected tooth to relieve toothache.
    • Mix 1-2 drops with 15ml of carrier oil to massage around the ears and neck which helps to relieve sore throat symptoms or apply for facial skin care, acne prevention.
    • Mix 10 drops with 250ml of water to repel mosquitoes, ants and many other insects.
    • Rub 1-2 drops on sore spots, bruises or insect bites.
    • Put 2-5 drops to oil lamp diffuser to clear the air and relieve stress.
  • Attention: For external use only, do not apply to eyes, mouth, ears, mucous membranes and open wounds, inflamed areas. Be cautious when using the product for people who are allergic to essential oils.
  • Specification: 10ml, 30ml dark brown bottle, aluminum cap, with dropper inside. (See more composition, instructions for use on the package)
  • Origin of raw materials: Hilly area, Thon Ha village, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam
  • Expiry date: 3 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Storage: Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, tightly close the lid, keep out of reach of children.

Beside Melaleuca cajuputi essential oil, which is the traditional variety of Hue, today there is also Niaouli Essential oil (Melaleuca quinquenervia) which is a Melaleuca specie from Australia, successfully transplanted in Hue that produces very high quality essential oils. high, pleasant aroma.

This product is pure Cajeput Essential Oil, extracted concentratedly. It is packed in a dark brown glass bottle, with an aluminum cap to prevent it from reacting to sunlight and has many uses as above. This product is different from Hue Melaleuca Oil which is packaged in clear glass bottles, less in essential oil and suits other purpose.


10ml, 30ml


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