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Hand-woven Ta Oi zeng brocade


Zeng is a typical brocade of the Ta Oi people, in the A Luoi mountain region of Hue. Zeng stands out for its beaded weaving to create delicate motifs depicting local life and beliefs. Ta Oi women sit on the floor, roll up a bamboo loom, stretch it with their legs. It takes nearly a month to weave a piece of brocade, 2-3m long. Zeng brocade also has many applications in home decoration, fashion design and crafting.

Materiel: Wool or synthetic fibers. The size and motifs may vary depending on each hand-woven cloth.

Indicative size: 70x150cm (joint 2 pieces to make a set of 140x150cm); 70x300cm


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Ta Oi people live mainly in the mountains of central Vietnam, well known for their knitting and brocade weaving. The zeng brocade fabric of Ta Oi people contains many cultural and heritage values ​​that need to be preserved. However, due to modernisation and changing lifestyle, brocade weaving of Ta Oi people also face challenges. We would like to join hands to support the mountainous people to maintain this traditional craft, improve their livelihoods, and contribute to the protection of environmental resources.

See more about: Ta Oi zeng brocade to understand the context, why we connect with the community here.

The zeng brocade cloth introduced to you is completely hand-woven by Ta Oi women in A Luoi, for almost a month.

If you love design fashion, accessories, you can use for your creation.

Or you can use it for home decor, table runner, bed runner, etc.

You can also request the samples and specifications you want, we will help connect you to Ta Oi people and artisans.

We also organize day trip or multiple day tours tour from Hue to A Luoi. You will explore hill tribe villages, waterfall, forests, bamboo knitting and brocade weaving, as well as local cuisine.


2x70x150cm, 70x300cm


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