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Hue fruit-shaped mung bean cakes


Fruit shaped mung bean cakes is well known as a noble dessert from Hue. With skillful hands of artisans, the cake is not only delicious but enhance refined taste of mung beans.

The box includes 10 cakes with beautiful fruit shape, easy to store, suitable for holidays, parties or enjoy with tea.

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These lovely, colorful fruit shaped mung bean cakeswere formerly a delicacy of the Palace, often presented at banquets. Main ingredient is locally grown mung bean. With ingenuity, meticulousness and a little artistic flare, the artisans have shaped and presented beautiful and vivid fruit miniatures, not only satisfying the taste but also the sight.

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The making of this dessert requires a bit patience. Mung bean is steamed and grinded. Then adding fine sugar and mix it to create the paste. The artisans shape the cake according to favorite fruits then glazing them in gelatine to give of a lovely shiny look. Food colouring, from natural ingredients are used to decorate. Buddha head, mangosteen, chili, star fruit, and papaya are very popular in Hue.

This is a healthy dessert, eyes entertaining and bring back childhood memories.

Ingredients:Mung bean, sugar, gelatine (agar-agar powder), food colouring.

Packing: Box of 10 various fruits


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