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Bánh Lọc Huế stuffed tapioca dumplings 40pcs/pack


Bánh Lọc – stuffed tapioca dumpling has made up the quintessence of Hue ancient capital cuisine, with a chewy, fatty, and sweet taste of shrimp and meat. Hot steamed dumplings, served with the signature Hue fish sauce, have delighted many tourists visiting Hue and enjoying this specialty.

The set includes 40pcs/pack that can be preserved for a long time when frozen. So it is very suitable to bring back as a gift or savour when wanted.

Packing: packed in a zip bag of 40 cakes

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Stuffed tapioca dumpling is Hue specialty worth enjoying and buying as a gift during visits to the Ancient Capital. Now, you can order and enjoy from home and treat your beloved friends,  family whenever convenient.

Product details

Transculent, flexible dumplings “Bánh Bột Lọc” is one of Hue best claim cake. The cake is made from tapioca flour (extracted from tapioca) and wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed, or cooked bare. The stuffing of the cake includes shrimp, chopped pork that has been stir fried with spices. After the cake is steamed cooked, it should be eaten hot, with chili fish sauce. The type of chili from Tien Non village, and original first layer fish sauce for gourmets.

Instructions for use:

  • The dumplings should be eaten when hot. Take the banana leave off and dip in fish sauce, a bit of chili if feel like.
  • For frozen cakes, there is no need to defrost. Just put them in the microwave and steam for about 15 minutes or steam for about 20-30 minutes, the cake is cooked and retains its delicious flavour.
  • Store the cake in the freezer compartment at a low temperature.
  • See details of production date and expiry date on the package.

Ingredients: tapioca starch, natural shrimp, pork, scallions, water, sugar, salt, pepper, cooking oil, banana leaves or dong leaves.

Packing: packed in a zip bag of 40 cakes

Net weight: 900gram


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