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Truc Chi Vietnamese Bamboo Paper Art

Trúc Chỉ, literally bamboo paper, has evolved beyond a material to be a work of art. Truchigraphy is a technical term prevailing three secrets:

  • The process of making traditional handicraft paper
  • The principles of creating graphic arts (Silkscreen, etching)
  • The techniques of applying water pressure
CraftTruc Chi
SkillsPaper making, acculturation
ServicesGifts, Home Decor, workshop
LocationTruc Chi Garden, Hue City
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The Craft

There are two main stages in creating a Truc Chi paper art, first is paper making then graphic designing process. Raw materials (straw, bamboo, sugarcane…all types of natural fibers) are soaked, boiled with lime, ground, and pound into pulp. They are then mixed in water basin and cleverly spread on a mold. The artist places arty pattern on the wet paper and uses a hose to spray water to create different level of thickness, sophisticated shades of intensity. Using the water hose as “pain brush”, and jets of water to create graphic arts on paper express the key concept of truchigraphy.

Things to experience

You can experience this Vietnamese bamboo paper art during a Slow Travel Hue tours or as a separate workshop from two to four hours. With the sharing and accompany of talented artists from Huế, you will not only learn about the techniques of Truchigraphy but also the whole cultural context and the journey of recreating unique values.

The first option is to learn and create a piece of Truc Chi artistic paper, similarly to Washi paper of Japan from raw material. Walking through the traditional process, you will arrive to create unique pattern on your artistic paper by using water hoses alongside other techniques.

Equally, you may opt to apply Truc Chi paper to craft a unique souvenir to take home.

Best Features

  • Being more than a paper, each piece is a work of art with distinctive visual expressions and light effects.
  • Meeting diverse requirements for applied arts such product, interior and exterior design, fashion, and jewelry design
  • Inspiring acculturation whilst delicately incorporating with other handicrafts to become wholly unique

How Truc Chi is made

Things to buy

Truc Chi paper art offers a wide range of crafted products, applied in interior, fashion design, painting of all signs and forms, etc and of course souvenir gifts for tourists. You can purchase at the workshop or order from our Boutique here before, after the tour. For special request, customized product please inquire us.

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