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Food Tourism

Vietnam has rich food cultures that could help diversify tourism and stimulate local and national economic development. Food Tourism can resonate ethical and sustainable values based on the territory, the landscape, local culture, local products, authenticity, which is something it has in common with current trends of cultural consumption.

ObjectivesVietnam Food & Beverages
MissionIntergrated Food Tourism and gastronomic heritage
OutcomeFood tourism initiatives, B.E.S.T Việt Flavours

Vietnam Gastronomy and Territory

Not only blogging about Vietnamese food and drinks, we commits to in-depth promotion of Vietnam’s Gastronomy and Territory through Food Tourism Initiatives and B.E.S.T Việt Flavours.

Gastronomy embodies the respect for culture and tradition, a healthy lifestyle, authenticity, sustainability, experience… The territory affirms the differentiating factors and the source local identity. It encompasses environmental and landscape values, history, culture, traditions, the own cuisine of the place.

Vietnam’s geography stretches from northern to southern latitudes, mountains and seas, places the country in various climates zone and results in distinctive culinary cultures. Vietnamese Food integrates cultures from 54 ethnic groups, and other cuisine like French, Chinese, Khmer…Many gastronomic heritages have been handed over generations, whilst undergoing varied evolution. 

Similarly, Vietnamese Beverages are diverse and uniquely attached to each territory. Rice alcohol, medicinal wine, tea, herbal drinks, or fruit juices, all reflects Vietnamese casual lifestyle with the philosophy of yin-yang balance, harmony with nature.

Gastronomic Heritages

Gastronomy allows tourists to access Vietnam cultural and historical heritage through tasting, experiencing and purchasing. It makes it possible to explore acclaimed gastronomic capital like Huế, in a more experiential and participatory way than purely contemplative. The idea is to bring together different types of gastronomic attractions and to offer them in a conveniently packaged form so that tourists stay longer. We accent on differentiation factors to ensure variety, new sensations and authentic experiences.

Food tourism initiatives

We target both purely “food tourists” who seek the authenticity of the places they visit through food. Equally, we cater discerning travelers who recognize the value of gastronomy as means of socializing, as a space for sharing life with others for exchanging experiences. Our food tourism offerings and promotional initiatives focus on: 

  • Offering: Cookery workshops, Food tours, Visit to local markets and food producers
  • Promoting: Food events, food fairs, food museum


B.E.S.T Việt Flavours

We promote Vietnamese Food and Beverages Specialties with specificity and authenticity. The selection of products on our Boutique is inspired by B.E.S.T concept by EHL in Switzerland. Not like any other food shop, this B.E.S.T Việt Flavours will gradually form a gastronomic map of Vietnam, in which typical local products represent its territory. When possible, a traditional recipe will be accompanied to highlight local cuisine and diversity of Vietnam culinary cultures.

B.E.S.T represents the four pillars of a sustainable diet:

  • Biologique (Organic): Produced with safe, and hygiene conditions.
  • Equitable (Fair-trade): Ensure good prices, long terms for local farmers
  • Seasonal: Grown and harvested naturally
  • Terroir (Local): Typical to that region.

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